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MyPODO stands for modern and new podiatry. Podiatry is frequently associated with a somewhat outdated image. We will change that! We work exclusively with selected materials. Nothing has been left to chance, ranging from the equipment through to the logo. Enjoy the aspects from two worlds: Medicine and cosmetics combined in one treatment. It is possible, and it has never been as much fun. We are specialised in diabetes patients as well as the treatment of ingrowing nails, this includes the skill of nail correction clips.


We look forward to seeing you.
We are MyPODO – We are the podiatry practice


Neu: Vacuum 65 Body


Vacuum65Body is a new method to lose weight professionally and quickly.

Reduction in size and improvement of the skin structure

100% natural without parabens & silicones

Blocks grease deposits

Detoxification of the body (elasticity of the skin)

6.5 cm in 45 minutes

Improves skin tone

The skin becomes smoother

The vacuum simultaneously provides sauna and pressing effect (lymph drainage effect)

Removal of cellulite & fatty acids





Price: Summer hit 75.00 instead of 95.00


Vacuum 65 Body Education



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